Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Duology Two

A pianist in search of brave collaborators.

Duology Two, 8 pm Friday, July 6. O'Shaughnessy Performance Space, The College of Santa Fe, 1600 St. Michael's Drive, Santa Fe NM

with JA Deane, live samples; rosS Hamlin, mystery instrument; JSA Lowe, language; Carlos Santistevan, bass; Molly Sturges, voice; Milton Villarrubia III, drums.

Brave indeed.

This Do It Yourself stab at gaining listeners brought to you by Peter Breslin, an unincorporated, definitely non-profit, unaffiliated, locally owned person.

1 comment:

Jack D'aureil said...

mystery instrument? As in the instrument itself is a mystery, or it is a mystery what instrument will be chosen?