Sunday, October 21, 2007


A group of Ariocarpus retusus with maybe a little bit of trigonus thrown in, flowering at a nursery in Chandler AZ yesterday. On sale for $60-$70 each, sadly out of my price range. Probably at least 50 years old, perhaps more like 75 or 80. Obviously, at a dollar a year, a bargain. Growing cacti makes me reflect on time scale and perspective.

We think of the music Jelly Roll Morton created as having happened a "long time ago." As in, perhaps, the year the seeds of the above plants germinated....

In fact, I tend to think of the 1980s as a "long time ago."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
Those Arios are amazing! I am actually an Ario collector. Could you tell me where the nursery is or their email? Thank you very much.
my email: