Friday, June 06, 2008

local color

Things remain cactoid in the neighborhood. I'm proud of my radio show, every Thursday from 1-3 Mountain Time, (you can stream it from KSFR) and I'm proud that I taught a bunch of art school students Algebra 1 for an entire year and didn't kill anyone (including myself). I'm proud of a lot of things, like any good American.

I'm proud I might be interviewing Pharaoh Sanders in advance of his NM Jazz Fest appearance. I'm proud to know amazing, creative, risk-taking, innovative musicians, artists and performers, and to have had the opportunity to work with some of them.

But mostly, like the crazy MF I am, I'm proud of my cacti. Go figure.

Echinocereus berlandieri (tagged as "blanckii," but that's a long and twisted story for another time):

Leuchtenbergia principis, crazy long tubercles and a big Ferocactus flower:

Mammillaria guelzowiana (used to be Krainzia or the even better Phellosperma guelzowiana):

Night-flowering Discocactus (yeah, disco, like Stayin' Alive) buenekeri:

Obregonia denegrii, nice flower, plant like a mutant artichoke:

Thelocactus bicolor ssp. bolaensis

Onward into high summer here, including very exciting 90 degree nighttime lows. We'll see whether or not everything just melts.

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