Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

The best thing about these here newfangled interwebs is how much bone-crushingly depressing news one can keep up with on a daily basis.

For example, this handy little map from the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, CO., which provides a daily update of the rapidly receding polar sea ice at the North Pole.

National Geographic provides an interesting article.

I only discovered this foreboding news way, way down at the bottom of Google News under the Science and Technology link. The bulk of those news stories involved product release puff pieces for PS3 and Diablo III. Shall we amuse ourselves to death on the leading edge of the end of time? Why not?

Just remember: when there's no potable water left and temperatures soar, you can check back here and buy cacti from me.

Here's some more happy time stats from the BBC. You know, the news organization over there across the Atlantic somewhere, where folks have been taking climate change seriously for at least the past decade.

Then there's this site. As Will Rogers said, "It don't take all kinds, we just got all kinds."

Recently heard music for the End Times: Kevin Frenette 4: Connections (with Andy McWain, piano, Todd Keating, bass; Tatsuya Nakatani, percussion and Frenette on guitar) and Visions by Leonard/Skrowaczewski/Zappa (Mark Leonard, bass; Nick Scrowaczewski, percussion; Stanley Jason Zappa, tenor sax and Bb clarinet). Buy them now and listen to them on your portable CD player while rafting over what used to be Manhattan.


rosS Hamlin said...

i can handle rafting over manhattan but get a little skeeved out by the coney island whitefish (that's what they call floating condoms in the rivers of that region!) ... and "portable cd players" is SO 1997, daddy-o! ; )

the unreliable narrator said...

rosS is right; we'll be back to vinyl after the world ends, I would imagine. If not graphaphones.