Monday, September 26, 2011

Sonoran Cholla Flowers, spring 2010

May 3, 2010, a quick jaunt down to the granite hills south of Sonoyta, Sonora, looking for Echinomastus. Cylindropuntia and Echinocereus in flower, great colors.

Not planned, but it was the last trip to Mexico with The Poetess. Physically, anyway. Subsequent trips were inhabited by her, sometimes excruciatingly so. More on that later. I wouldn't return to Mexico until Mid-October, 2010, for a strange trip to Bahia Kino. That's about 6 posts off.


Elizabeth Clare said...

These are too beautiful. And funny too. What do you call that number 8 from the top?

Looks like the pretty thing is laughing very hard or maybe gagging or something.
Could it be?

peter breslin said...

That is a Cylindropuntia flower of some kind. Maybe gagging on a bee?