Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cecil Taylor Unit, The Eighth, part 1 of 4

Not Calling it the Eighth. But, the actual Eighth.


Stanley Jason Zappa said...

Probably my most favorite CT record of all, with Inflourescence a close second.

Rashid Bakr...amazing! Jimmy Lyons...amazing! William Parker...amazing!

what year was that? Like, 1984 or something?

30 some odd years later, fresh as a daisy.

thanking you for posting this!

peter breslin said...

SJZ! thanks for the visit. The Eighth was recorded 1981. It was originally released in truncated form as Calling it The Eighth. There's also an oddball release from hat Art called Calling it the Ninth, but I thnk that is included in the "unabridged" release simply called The Eighth.

anyway, yeah, incredible quartet.