Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Cactus Flowers

Another bunch of cactus flowers. It's been a great spring here in the furnace:

Escobaria missouriensis:

Echinocereus dasyacanthus:

Mammillaria theresae:

Epithelantha bokei:

Echinomastus johnsonii:

Escobaria laredoi:

Escobaria minima:

Echinocereus nivosus:

Discocactus buenekeri:

Echinocereus pectinatus 'coahuilense':

Astrophytum capricorne v. senile, top and side view:

Echinocereus baileyi:

Echinocereus fitchii:

Thelocactus bicolor v. ?:


Julia said...

these are pretty. Albert isn't looking so hot. I went to pet him and he bit me!

peter breslin said...

Ow! Petting Opuntias is not recommended by the National Council on Cactus Safety. You could ceremonially walk Albert over to the field, dig a hole about twice as big as his roots, and set him free. Or you could have me give him a checkup the next time I'm in town.

He might just need some water. He's not very high maintenance, unlike his former owner. :-)