Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rrake, flowers, etc.

This Friday at High Mayhem in Santa Fe:

"Rrake (Santa Fe)
This manifestation of Rrake consists of Chris Jonas (compositions, tenor and soprano sax), Joe Fiedler (trombone), Jeremy Bleich (electric bass), Paul Brown (acoustic bass), Milton Villarrubia III (drums) and Peter Breslin (drums).

An audience favorite in the High Mayhem Festival 2006 and 2007, the “supergroup”, Rrake (in this version a six-person double trio), is Jonas’ latest Santa Fe ensemble project. Considerably louder, more electric and brash than his previous projects, Rrake is an outburst, a conniption fit, a tantrum, a racket, a feast, a riot, a wassail, a spout, a rant, an exultation. To add more girth to the sound of the group, Jonas has built this group to consist of two drummers, two bass players, two horn players (trombone and saxophone). The music is distinctly rhythmic at core with melodic lines superimposed atop a complex of asymmetrical block rhythms."

Always glad to "add more girth." Looking forward to hearing CJ's NYC ensemble, Sun Spits Cherries, too.

Here's another message from some beautiful compatriots:

Echinocereus rigidissimus rubispinus:

Thelocactus bicolor flavidispinus:

Epithelantha pachyrhiza:

Mammillaria viridiflora and Escobaria leei:

The etc: lost filling, fractured molar. $500 dollars later (thank ye gods for sig others with plastic) and a bit of grinding and polishing and I'm right as rain. (What the hell does that mean anyway, "right as rain"?) A couple more weeks in the regular school year, with legions of students having checked out mentally about 4 weeks ago. You try teaching a bunch of hormone-addled adolescent artists Algebra 1, I dare you. Finally mixed down Duology 3 and will post tracks soon, probably on my own website which I hope is up by late June, peterbreslin.net. Picking up the D4 recording up in Santa Fe this weekend too, so look forward to hearing that one.

This week's radio show DUKE including Art Ensemble's take on Creole Love Call, Braxton from Creative Orchestra Music '76, side two track 2, his sort of Duke-inspired piece, WSQ's A Train/Lush Life, the entirety of He Loved Him Madly from Miles Davis' Get Up With It (remastered on Complete On the Corner) Albert Mangelsdorff's Mood Indigo, Thelonious Monk himself doing Solitude and Caravan. Streams live 1-3 pm Mountain Time from KSFR, Santa Fe.

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