Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bad Analogies

A Facebook friend of mine posted yesterday that she hoped Donald Trump would denounce the Ku Klux Klan rally celebrating his victory in North Carolina.

A friend of that Facebook friend posted "Well, will Obama condemn the anti-Trump protests taking place all over America?"

I replied: what a terrible analogy! do you know nothing at all about the truly ghastly history of the Ku Klux Klan in this country (name redacted)? It's okay to be conservative, but don't have shit for brains.

Apparently, that violates Facebook's community standards, as I was blocked from posting for 24 hours as a result. 


Well, all the music posts will be on here today I guess. 

Happy November 13th.


Von Cheesenstein said...

It's okay to knowingly post false news. That meets community standards.
It's okay to set up fake accounts and post fake comments. That meets community standards.
But don't call a pinheaded racist on his faulty reasoning. Educating others does not meet community standards.

Peter Breslin said...

"Shit for brains" is really very rude. Far more rude than defending sexual assault, calling Mexican immigrants rapist and criminals, mocking the disabled, threatening to deport millions of immigrants, calling for the registration of all members of a particular religion and refusing to denounce acts of hate done in your name. Far more rude than that.

Dr. Penelope Facher said...

maybe the problem was that by likening that person's brains to shit, your comment was an insult to the shit. I mean, at least shit serves a purpose - and is in the natural order of things...

pvl said...

The idea that Trump would denounce a core constituency should - all by itself - result in being banned by Facebook

Peter Breslin said...

Ha!, yes indeed- anything resembling shit would definitely take offense, PKF. PVL, you have a definite point- the real banning should be in response to complete silliness of all kinds.