Monday, November 21, 2016


The young brother of a former student and current friend of mine died overnight from cancer. His last Facebook post was 3 days ago, relating how he had kept everyone up all night screaming from stomach pain. His post was not a complaint about the intense pain he was in-- but a reflection of his awareness of the effect his pain had on others. This young man embodied something very wise, deep in his soul. Once, when I had posted something mocking people for being stupid, and my friends and I here were having a great old time shooting those fish in a barrel, this young man commented "Wow, so much unkindness! Like you all have never said or done something stupid. Why do you all have to be so hateful?" It pulled me up short and had me reflecting much more, from that moment on-- of course I still have a snobby and arrogant sense of humor-- but every time I indulge I think of this young man. Thank you for the perspective and rest in painless peace, Keegan Sunil Nadarajah.

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