Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hat Trick, part X of an infinite series

Here's one way to run an effective con against any attempt to uncover your completely self-centered motives-- whenever some shady shit is going to be revealed, like maybe a multimillion dollar settlement of a fraud case against you, set up some kind of cultural distraction, something like a controversy around a protest for civil rights in a highly public arena. That way you get your "morally outraged" populace to bicker and rage at each other while you get away with whatever pocket-lining shenanigans or unethical conflict of interest transaction you've got going on. Works like a charm, plays well in the media, and the suckers line up along the usual hardened fronts. Il Douche is not the first to discover this, by the way-- it's been playing like this for a long time, left and right, you might say. Are you playing?

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