Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Two Poems by Liz Waldner


There is this wish, that wish, and the other wish. 

There is the wish not 
to feel this way. 

There is the wish in the heart 
of the geranium leaf 
such that where the leaf is lighter, 
its shadow is darker. 

There is the wish on the part 
of my hair that fell in an arc 
to have fallen in a circle 
that it might be connected still. 

There is the wish to be born. 

There is the wish to be known, 
and there is the wish to be known. 


Of Unknowing, The Cloud 

In the morning would the white 
cat nose the tall grass 
along the driveway. 

Careful not to touch, knowing 
at a distance. Smell the synapse 
as is the green thing springing 
forth from the earth 
also good to smell. 

In the morning would the white 
cat carefully 
go its nose naming along 
in the morning. It would, yes, 
it did go. And in the morning watching 
she thought this: it is important to remember 
there is really no certain way 
to be. What she wanted 
to think is: I'm allowed. 

Liz Waldner, _Saving the Appearances_, 2004
Liz Waldner at Poets dot Org
Liz Waldner at Poetry Foundation

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