Monday, September 11, 2006


as in literally waking up in the middle of the night with half-digested linguine from Fatso's rising in my gorge. Very pleasant. Fatso's is Santa Fe's answer to the kind of Italian food you can get in South Philly or the North End of Boston or the right neighborhoods in Baltimore and Brooklyn. Huge portions, laden with cheese, clams, sauce, the whole deal. Problem is twofold: if you aren't in digestive shape for the onslaught, it's rich. Also, about a third of a single order makes for a meal, so whatever digestive issues you might be having are almost guaranteed to unfold over several days. You can't just throw the leftovers away, they're too good. I noticed that Fatso's now has an "NSF" column for many menu items, standing for "Not So Fat." Maybe I'll give that a try next time.

Recovery stands poised between what worked for the first couple of years and isn't completely sitting right anymore (like the linguine) and something new and mysterious. I advocated for pushing forward to 4th step work last week with The Sponsor, and of course haven't done a smidgen of writing on it whatsoever since then. Today marks exactly 29 months of sobriety.

Radio show this week: Fall Fundraiser for KSFR. Should I play "friendly" music or Braxton/Taylor/Coleman with the voiceover: "I will keep playing this until we get our pledge goal...."

Several amazing finds on YouTube last night by simply entering a musician's name in the search box. Video of Ornette from 1974 with Blood Ulmer, Billy Higgins, Sirone, for an Italian TV show. Very strange and transitional sounding, yet another version of Theme from a Symphony. A strained quality to the proceedings. Then: CT from the One Night with Blue Note tribute video, Braxton playing Impressions, Mahavishnu Orchestra in a bizarre BBC television broadcast, chopping their way through Noonward Race (with obvious petulance and ill humor on the part of Jan Hammer who seems particularly frustrated with Billy Cobham).

Destination-out supplies great South African jazz with Brotherhood of the Breath-- yet again they offer something I've not heard before.

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