Wednesday, September 20, 2006

to do list

usually gets lost. The tendency is to make one of these and then set it aside, as if entering something on the list is the exact equivalent of getting it done. It's in the same category of a calendar or datebook or planner for me. Everything scheduled is actually in my head all the time. I've tried to use an "organizer" and I'm just not organized enough to remember to use it, keep it with me, refer to it, etc.

call mary about getting a Shannon Jackson show/workshop to happen here
rearrange room for overwintering cacti
contact IRS again about required paperwork for 5 year old tax debt
car: muffler, windshield, tune up, door, tires
radio show
4th step specifics
practice drums
get comps for play to review
business cards to Candyman for drum lessons
write novel, lol, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

I'll make the list tomorrow and get started Friday or Monday, I promise.


unnarrator said...

Linehan tells therapists not to ask their clients to use a skill, because then the clients will come in for a session all shame-faced, saying they couldn't do it. Instead, she suggests asking clients to practice a skill, with much more likelihood (paradoxically) of success.

Who are you promising?

unnarrator said...

Suggest strike-through "write novel, lol, hahahahahhaha etc." and amending to "rough-draft one chapter of novel."

Also suggest adding, "remove centipede eggs from closet."