Tuesday, September 12, 2006

change of the century

One of those modest titles that Ornette Coleman used, somewhere between This is Our Music and The Shape of Jazz to Come. I don't have the chronological order memorized, but anyway check out Ornette Coleman and Prime Time (bern nix, charlie ellerbee, shannon jackson, denardo coleman, jamaaladeen tacuma) from a Saturday Night Live performance in 1979. Introduced by Milton Berle, of all people. They perform OC's Times Square. Check it out as another reminder that OC releases his first CD in ten years today.

For several months I've been filling in at the Santa Fe Reporter doing the movie pages. Today's the second day I'm training the new movie person. (If you want to read some of the finest movie reviews anywhere, visit The Santa Fe Reporter and look for movie reviews published before June of this year....) Opera projects (see sidebar) start up in a couple of weeks. I sit in for the arts and culture editor at the Reporter later this week. One drum student. No paying gigs on the horizon. This has been my work life since getting sober and stepping out of a 20 year secondary school teaching career. I don't have any idea how to do it.

Yet I am in fact doing it. Don't ask how, just yet.

A few other rare and wonderful youtube discoveries from last night:

Booker Little with Max Roach, Ray Draper, George Coleman et al

Booker Little, same gig, doing Dameron's The Scene is Clean

A Classic Buddy Rich Solo, unmusical but a real drum lesson

Max Roach, doing his Hi Hat tribute to Jo Jones, elegant and fierce as always

Last Exit playing some smooth jazz

There will undoubtedly be more links, watch this space.

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