Monday, September 25, 2006

general studies

Step 4- at the moment, taking general free written statements and writing descriptions of whatever the snapshot is that comes up. My emotional writing characterized by the Sponsor as a buffer for the real stuff going on underneath, which is tangible, plot and description, the Story.

Counting dreams. Jonas music. 4+5+4+5+2+4+5+4+5+2. For example. Or 3+4+3+4+3+4+3+3+4+3+4+3+4+3. For another. One section has two different compound meters in different cycles and I get to have fun playing 2/4 the entire time.

I got my clock cleaned at poker Friday. Tris: “Let’s do a $5 buy in with $25 in chips, no limit texas hold ‘em kind of thing.” None of anything that I know or try in tournament style play worked. Lost $15.

Radio: my first full length show in three weeks due to fundraiser. Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Unnarrator: asleep. Seems like there could be a big decision today about her employment. I wonder what the not black and white path would be? Hard to think that way for her with the Type A boss. Title of email received at 11:00 pm on Sunday from Type A: “Are you still with us?” Dude, you have no fuckin’ idea.

Opera: Training workshop last Saturday. Orff approach to teaching music. It’s all pentatonic scales. The teacher kept saying the 4th and 7th sound “bad.” I got to keep my mouth shut, cringe, and glance over at Jonas with an eyeroll or grin.

Reporter: Performing arts calendar today. Oh boy.

Cacti: they go outside for the first day in quite a while today. It was 39F last night. Keep fantasizing about cheap land in the middle of nowhere and a greenhouse and a little business on ebay at first. But this kind of set up would probably preclude what? Social life, musical life, AA life. Santa Fe is a ridiculous place to try to live. The snow on the Sangres is like a sick joke. Pay for heat on Santa Fe wages. Good luck puny earthling.

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unnarrator said...

She thinks the fourth and seventh sound bad? How about the 50 worst things to happen to pop music? Now those are some ugly sounds.