Thursday, September 28, 2006

TO completely figured out

Sent this as a jape to the alumni email discussion list for St. John's College, where I got my undergrad:

By the way, TO is obviously a product of white fear, demonization and
its concurrent idolization of black males. The middle class ironically
including "bushwa blacks" as Linton Kwesi Johnson called them (in his
song, "Bushwa Blacks") still wants to create opportunities for success
and fame for black males only in arenas where they remain
hypersexualized and dangerous (or, which is the flip side of the same
coin, "nice," "well spoken" and stripped of any sense of history and
thoroughly embedded in the myth of American success). The factors
contributing to TO's manifestation in the media as "crazy" and an
"egomaniac" include but are not strictly limited to post-feminist
resexualization of the underclass, athletics as a repressed cathartic
marketing tool for consumer strategies of denial, the rage that
underlies the style and fashion of cynical apathy in a culture devoid
of thoughtful political discourse, the regressive relegation of black
self-expression to forms marketed as underground mostly consumed by
young whites, and the utter and complete abandonment of so-called
"domestic policies" of urban valuation concatenated with and catalyzed
by the promotion of the illusion of a '50s style Golden Age of
American hegemony."

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unnarrator said...

Very nice. Now, you might just want to say who "TO" is...perhaps with a link? Love, your annoying unsolicited personal blog tutorial.